News Brief May - June 2013

Meeting on FiT Update MPIA recently participated in the FIT update on the 9th May 2013 held in Putrajaya. MPIA raised concerns regarding the time frame in which the requirements were to be submitted and the addition of more documents for the submissions. The dialogue was "vigorous" and constructive with many good points raised and proposed. SEDA announced and provided a checklist immediately after the session to assist those reapplying for the quota that was re released on the 23rd May 2013. The event was attended by members of the RE industry and SEDA.


Meeting with GreenTech Corporation The new committee members of the MPIA 2013/2014 session, led by the newly elected President En Ahmad Shadzli Abd. Wahab and its Vice President Mr Chin Soo Mau, had a meeting with En. Mohd Hadri ,the New CEO of GreenTech Corporation ( formerly known as Pusat Tenaga Malaysia or PTM ) on the 28th May 2013. Other committee members who attended were Mr John H’ng (Secretary), Ms Miko Lim (Assistant Secretary), Mr LT Yap and Mr Lim Ee Hai (Treasurer). Apart from the introduction to the new 2013-2014 committee members, the MPIA also discussed the possibilities of working together to further promote the PV industry and to propel it forward in light of the Greentech's mutual goals. The event was attended by members of the industry and government.


Review session with SEDA on FiT Degression for 2014 The MPIA, participated in the FIT degression review and dialogue session held at Hotel Pullman, Putrajaya.on the 6th June 2013. The MPIA took the opportunity to highlight the current, market situation which included pricing trends of components which effected the balance of systems cost. This in turn effected how much the degression effected the PV business in Malaysia. President En Ahmad Shadzli Abd. Wahab presented the case for the industry. Vice President Mr Chin Soo Mau was given opportunity as well to give more detail to the plan in terms of the information presented. Both were met with applause on the key points being made by the some 300 participants which represented the wider range of the RE industry which included biomass, biogas and small (nano, mini etc.) systems.


Majlis Konsultansi Bajet 2014 The Ministry of Finance, through its Director General, Dato Sri Dr Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah, invited MPIA to participate in the above session on the 18th June 2013. The event was attended by the newly elected cabinet and the prime minister. The event was also graced by nearly if not all the industry associations as well as many NGOs. Prior to the meeting, MPIA submitted its views and recommendations for budget 2014 for the PV industry. President En Ahmad Shadzli Abd. Wahab reiterated the need for ITA and CA tax reliefs as well a request for sales tax exemption for PV systems. A point which was noted and read back to all present by Prime Minister Dato' Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak during his summary of the days events.


Update of MPIA Website A new MPIA website is under development and will be published in August. Committee member Lim Chai Seng has spearheaded this and provided feedback to the new web site developer what functions and visuals to include in the new MPIA web site. We request each MPIA member to send us two of their solar project’s photos to e-mail address. We plan to put them at the web site Photo Gallery and randomly selected photos will put at the web site main page periodically. We hope to create a useful and truly Malaysia Photovoltaic Industry Association web site.


MPIA Dialogue with Pemandu and SEDA 20th June 2013, the MPIA, Pemandu and SEDA came together to discuss alignment of the various components effecting the PV market. Among the topics discussed were PV system purchasing guidelines, installation criteria, quality control, widespread PV education, tax breaks, interconnection types, testing and commissioning procedures. The meeting ended on a high note with a clear indication by all for the industry (MPIA) and SEDA to deepen cooperation to further grow the PV market with complimentary actions by all. Those present from MPIA were Mr Chin Soo Mau, vice president, Mr LT Yap, committee member, from SEDA Ir. Ali Askar Sher Mohamad, Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Chen Wei-nee, Chief Corporate Officer, from Pemandu Mr Teoh Zehan, Mohd Taufik Abd Mujib, Penganalisa Kanan NKEA, Mr Kelvin Tan, Pengarah Bersekutu NKEA & SRI. Also present was Ir Cheong of the Northern Corridor Economic Region. MPIA has been submitting memorandums to and attending dialogue sessions with government ministries and agencies such as MITI, SEDA and KeTTHa, PEMANDU etc in ongoing efforts to promote the PV industry nationwide since its inception more than 8 years ago. The MPIA committee 2013-2014 session will continue to build on the foundation of the previous committees and endeavors to achieve goals set by its predecessor while striving for more for the industry.