News Brief April 2015

The Month of April 2015 proved to be another busy month for the MPIA.  After many years of sowing seeds of relationships and pushing for industry expansion, the MPIA is beginning to see the buddings of the fruit of their labour.  With the continual support of our members we will see this through to a brighter better tomorrow for all.  Here are the highlights for the month of April.  Should you feel led to assist in any of these matters, we welcome your participation and efforts.

  • MPIA is planning to buy secretariat office. The location suggested was at COVA SQUARE, Kota Damansara. 1st April 2015, the property was viewed by the Vice President after a few site visit done by Field Administrator. Mr. Chin Soo Mau is interested with the property showed and arranging to buy the property for MPIA. The new office of MPIA will be ready estimated in the third quarter of 2015.


  • SIRIM Meeting on 2nd April 2015 at MPIA Secretariat Office, Kota Damansara. The meeting purpose is to discuss on SIRIM’s Role in Malaysian Solar PV Roadmap 2030. The proposal is a collaboration between government (represented by MITI, MIDA, KETTHA, SEDA, PEMANDU and MGTC) and the industry (represented by MPIA, MPMA, AMCHAM-MARI, TNB and BPMB) while the academician is represented by SERI, UKM and UM. Under the roadmap, Malaysia is planning to become the regional hub for solar testing, certification and training i.e. Centre of Excellence.


  • MPIA had a meeting with SEDA on 7th April 2015 to discuss on Testing & Commissioning Training progress and Nett Metering. The discussion was held at SEDA Headquarters, Putrajaya. SEDA and MPIA agreed on the Testing & Commissioning Training to be conducted as 1- Day workshop with 20% discount for MPIA Members.


  • 9th April 2015, Mr. President had meet up with Borneo Convention Centre Kuching. The meet up session is to invites MPIA as the Host for the event carried by Borneo Convention Centre. The organiser had table a few event if MPIA interested with their invitation. The decision have yet to be confirm but MPIA is looking forward for partnership with organiser to conduct an event together.


  • The final Committee Meeting of term 2013/2014 was held in 16th April 2015.There is a few issues highlighted in the meeting which involves membership, Annual General Meeting, training and etc



*Total of 12 new application of membership request receive

Membership review & approved.MPIA  currently have one FiAH Holder applicant and looking forward for more FiAH membership application

*8th Annual General Meeting need to reach the targeted audience as 2015 of 2/3 members attendance as it is the year of election

It was suggested that the invitation to be formed thru a few medium such as SMS blast, Email Blast and mail notification. Mr.Shadzli suggest for personal phone call make to every members for the AGM invitation.

*Mr.Chai Seng brief thru the T & C training in collaboration with SEDA.SEDA plans to organise 1-day training that focuses on theory. In total 240 qualified people will be involved. 50 people will be placed in each session

Mr. Shadzli suggest to participate actively in SEDA’s programs even as observer


Mr.Shadzli informed the committee that he wrote to Mr. Jaya, Setiausaha Bahagian Tenaga regarding the net energy metering meeting

*Property Purchasing by Mr.Chin for MPIA Secretariat Office

Mr.Ee Hai suggest that MPIA need to make formal agreement between MPIA and Mr.Chin Soo Mau to protect both side interest.



  • In the month of April 2015, Committee have decide to appointed Dr.Sulaiman bin Shaari and Dr.Lim Boon Han as Honorary Member due to their contribution in Photovoltaic Industry. Dr.Sulaiman have been involved in Photovotaic Industry and research since 1995 and the first Malaysian to obtain PHD in Energy. Dr.Lim Boon Han has engaged in research and engineering works for 16 years, especially in the field of solar energy (full supply chain of photovoltaic technology, solar tracking, Non-imaging focusing technology and concentrating solar thermal energy. The new appointed Honorary Member will help MPIA to create better Photovoltaic Industry in Malaysia.


  • On 21st April 2015, 8th Annual General meeting was held at Armada Hotel. Year 2015 is the year of election. There is 32 full members had attended the event. With the numbers of members, allow the election to be conducted successfully as it have reach the quoted quorum.


  •  MPIA presenting Malaysia at the 2015 Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA) which was held in Shanghai, China from 26th April 2015 to 28th April 2015.At the event, MPIA Honorary Member, Dr.Sulaiman bin Shaari have received an Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association Award for Academia (Individual).


  • MPIA was invited to Majlis Penasihat Petroleum Negara (MPPN) for the reactivation of Majlis Penasihat Petroleum Negara (MPPN) on 29th April 2015 which was attended by President, Secretary of MPIA. During the Q&A session, Mr.Shadzli voiced our concern over too much dependencies on imported fuel and strong lobby from nuclear side. MPIA would like to prove that solar will be able to meet current demand and outstrip conventional utility.