News Brief July 2013

July has certainly been a busy month with many areas of business and government sectors slowing down and just as many speeding up for the Raya Holiday season. The MPIA meanwhile has been busy pushing forward on the initiatives from earlier in the year. The committee again seeks engagement from members for participation and input, not only to keep things going but also to accelerate matters.


MIGHT KeTTHA Green Technology Foresight 2030 MPIA was invited to attend this on the 27th June 2013 held at the Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club. The MPIA highlighted the need to streamline the plans from this with that of the Economic Transformation Plan (ETP) as set out by the prime minister’s office. This was to ensure “sehati, sejiwa” was achieved instead of the various ministries working in silos.The event was attended by members of the energy industry, building, transportation, waste, ICT, water, manufacturing, agriculture and forestry. The event was attended by Mr LT Yap on behalf of the MPIA. The MPIA has been informed that this initiative has been put on hold until further notice as at 4th July 2013 via email sent out by MIGHT.


TG GCPV Final Draft - Workshop on Review of the Proposed Technical Guidelines of Solar PV Installations The MPIA Committee led by President En Ahmad Shadzli Abd. Wahab, Vice President Mr Chin Soo Mau, Committee member Mr Subramaniam, former vice president Mr Sivaganthan and committee member Mr LT Yap attended the meeting held at Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya held on 1st July 2013. The discussions covered areas such as standardisation of testing and commissioning of grid connected systems and their variations from households to farms. The afternoon session focused on financial incentives that would assist the market to reach critical mass. There were those present who expressed their personal views on the size of the systems that should be allowed. The MPIA reiterated the need for more smaller (=< 72kWp) systems to help boost the volume of work and the national benefits to both the industry and the development of human resource in line with the Economic Transformation Plan (ETP) to build a high skilled, high income work force. Investment Tax Allowance, Capital Allowance extensions, balance of systems duty exemption were among the topics covered. The MPIA also took the opportunity to highlight to MIDA and Customs as to the need for a more streamlined process as all of system integrators present had given up on applying for the duty and sales tax exemptions. Among those present were Ir. Ali Ashkar, COO of SEDA, Pn Badriyah Abd. Malek, CEO of SEDA, Ms Chen Wei-nee, Chief Corporate Officer of SEDA, Pn Azah Ahmad, Director of Renewable energy & Technology of SEDA, Assoc. Prof Sulaiman Shaari of UiTM, Assoc. Prof Ahmad Maliki Omar of UiTM and Dr Ahmad Jaafar Abd Hamid Head of TNB Renewable Energy. Others in attendance were members of the RE industry, Suruhanjaya Tenaga, UiTM, Jabatan Kastam DiRaja Malaysia, MIDA and other government departments.


Meeting with Mark Meijer, Energy Indeed, Researcher & Consultant to Netherlands Government Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs Vice president, Mr Chin Soo Mau, committee member Mr LT Yap met with Mr Mark Meijer, consultant to the Government of the Netherlands regarding the recent developments in the EU on the imposition of import tariffs on China made modules. At present, the Netherlands is studying the possibility of alternate suppliers of PV modules; should the import duty reach 40-60% mark as indicated by some member countries of the EU. The Netherlands is also interested to explore possible cooperation between industries between the two countries. MPIA was informed that the percentage of PV installed in the Netherlands was approximately 90% and only 10% on the PV farms. The rates are €0.23/kWh while farms were given €0.06/kWh. The residential rate has about 40% tax and a Value Added Tax (VAT) on top of that resulting in the€0.23/kWh which the consumer is entitled to the full rate. Quality and a check list was touched upon with the MPIA requesting contact with the EPC association in the Netherlands to obtain installation check list and PV standards. The MPIA also requested for additional information as to the standards used in the installations of residential systems. There 2 associations representing the component suppliers and the EPCs respectively. Mr Meijer has indicated that he will pass the contact details to the MPIA for the EPC association.


Discussion with MIGHT 2nd Meeting for the National Green Technology Foresight 2030 The event held on the 25th July 2013 was attended by Mr John Hng on behalf of the MPIA. After a quick and decisive assessment, The MPIA excused itself from the event as it concluded that the MPIA members would be better served at other more meaningful dialog sessions where policy and execution could more readily discussed, assessed and achieved.


Appointment of Mr Sukhveer Singh, to the post of the MPIA Secretariat Permanent Staff On the 29th July 2013, the MPIA has appointed Mr Sukhveer Singh, to the permanent post for the MPIA secretariat. Several suitable candidates were interview and shortlisted from more than 30 candidates. This post is crucial for the MPIA to keep track of the various activities running. With the increase in activity and the constant need for updated paper work ( something the MPIA is sorely in need of ) Mr Singh’s appointment is a welcomed addition to the team.


MPIA High Tea Gathering Meet and Greet with Members The MPIA organised a'' High Tea Gathering'' on the 8th July 2013 at Armada Hotel, PJ, Selangor from 3pm~6pm. The agenda discussed were two fold : 1) Industrial Guideline for Grid connected 2) Financial Enablers & Mechanism Of Implementation Members were updated on the on overall plans of the MPIA which covered a much wider scope that the PV industry itself. The committee looks forward to more such engagements and a deeper involvement from all members. The dialog was lively and many good suggestions were raised. One of the clearest benefits of the event was the collaboration and insights from all present. The width and depth of the topics raised were enriched by all present. On behalf of the MPIA President and committee we would like to thank all of you (37 last count) for making the event the afternoon a great success!


KeTTHA Buka Puasa The event held on the evening of the 25th July 2013 was attended by President Ahmad Shadzli as well as Vice President Mr Chin Soo Mao. Although it was only for an evening meal, the event proved to be most productive as many key individuals crucial to the PV industry were engaged. Brief and positive feedback was received from all who met up with the MPIA. The personal touch at a social event helped to warm relationships between the various parties, many of whom were meeting MPIA for the first time. Among the people met were : Y.B Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Maximus Johnity Ongkili Menteri KeTTHA, Y.B Dato' Seri Diraja Mahdzir Khalid Timalan Menteri KeTTHA, Dtk Loo Tok Gee KSU KeTTHA, Dtk Seri Ir Azman / President CEO TNB, Tan Sri Datuk Dr Ahmad Tajuddin Ali Chairman Suruhanjaya Tenaga, Datuk Ir Ahmad Fauzi CEO Suruhanjaya Tenaga, YBHG. Tan Sri. Dr. Mohd Irwan Serigar Bin Abdullah KSU Ketua Setiausaha Perbendaharaan. Among the issues discussed discussed were nuclear energy and the consequences of use, intermittency of RE power supply, net metering incentives, fiscal incentives to encourage the PV industry (CA, ITA), subsidised energy cost and training grants for PV courses. The follow up involved in indeed a foreboding task. However, with the help of the members of the MPIA, we should be able to see constructive days ahead to bring these discussions out of the realm of talk into reality.


Guidelines for Pre Purchase Checklist & Request for Working Groups Member Participation As a follow up from the meet and greet with the members, the committee continues to seek assistance from members for input on the members. For members who have more input, it would be deeply appreciated if the recommendations could be filled in this manner. The list is by no means comprehensive and some points may have been missed. The table provided below was prepared in this manner to help keep a clear and focused mind on the tasks at hand. The resolution column remains empty for now and will probably get filled up as we go along with the recommendations and ideas added on. For those who are interested, kindly inform Mr John Hng our secretariat and Ms Miko Lim of your intention and area of assistance you wish to participate in.


MPIA Membership Drive 2013 The MPIA continues this drive to gain members to increase our presence and voice in the industry. The wider reaching effects of a larger and more vocal association has a better chance of moving the industry as well as the nation forward. To date there has been 5 new applications submitted since the meet and greet on the 7th July 2013.